Fall Teaparty With Friends

November 23, 2011

Every year, my Mom, sisters and I have had a Fall Teaparty with some dear friends of ours. There is always much joy, excellent food, quirky games, and laughter. My two sisters were married last year and moved to Montana, so sadly they were unable to join our festive gathering this year.

We usually divide up the menu between our two families, and I have contributed some of my own creations in the past, but this year my dear Mom provided her own special appetizer. (Not pictured below, but Butternut Squash Soup was our main dish)

  Baby Brie With Caramelized Onions And Toasted Hazelnuts

This Brie was absolutely delicious; baked with the caramelized onions and toasted hazelnuts, then spread on some crackers, it made a wonderful Fall appetizer.

  Apple Salad With Cinnamon

I’m not too big on apple salads, but this one was a nice side with these delicious sandwiches:

     Chicken Salad On Croissants 

We had a lovely dessert that, while a bit on the sweet side, tasted perfect with a nice cup of tea.

     Chocolate Toffee Bars

We took turns, after our meal, going through the alphabet attempting to name an author whose name began with that letter. We were able to make it through most of the alphabet, but amongst many giggles were unable to discover any authors with names beginning in “U, X, and Z.”


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